Snowflake #94: Truth and Life Personified

I want to read a letter. I am going to have a hard time getting through this letter, but hopefully it is as meaningful to you as it is to me. It is written by Eric and Kris and their daughter Alysse.

The letter says,

Hank, I am deeply troubled by the backlash you and the Christian Research Institute are experiencing right now. Please know that we continue to stand with you prayerfully and financially, and are not at all personally wavering in our knowledge that you are a man of God and a man after God’s own heart. We will continue to lift you, Paul, your family, and your ministry up in our daily prayers. We are also praying for your health because I know from the broadcast you are dealing with something there, too. Please let this be an encouragement to you. I continue to praise God for the blessing you are in my life and walk. I would not be a Christian, or the Christian I am today, without your insights and modeling and mentoring. You are beloved by many, and I am proud to be among those ranks. Press on, dear brother, and may we both rejoice in how God will use even this.

I want to tell you a little about the backstory here, but before I do, the grief unspoken for me is that after thirty years, there were several broadcast networks that did not afford our ministry the courtesy of saying goodbye to thousands and thousands of dear friends. Whatever that might mean financially to the ministry of the Christian Research Institute is significant, but in the end, it is all about ministry in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The backstory with respect to Eric, Kris, and Alysse is pretty cool. I met them approximately seven years ago. I reckon Kris had adopted what was known as Snowflake #94. Snowflake #94 had been a frozen embryo for two years, but when I met her, she was a bright and beautiful little girl. I believe at the time she was around four-and-a-half years old. When I held her in my arms, in some real, tangible way, I held the realization, or the very real personification, of life and truth. While I cannot at the moment recall all the details, what I remember is that our broadcast was the impetus in part or in whole for Eric and Kris to adopt Snowflake #94. Why? Because of believing the truth that a fertilized human egg is truly a person made in the imago-Dei, made in the image and the likeness of God. Well, today Alysse in real life is tangible both physically and metaphysically. When she was frozen, she did not have a fully developed personality, but she did have, as her parent’s recognized, full personhood from the moment of conception. She is today a wonderful personality in her own right.

I met these dear people as a direct result of the ministry of the Bible Answer Man broadcast, and perhaps our program was used in a way to bring Alysse to where she is now, eleven years of age. I can tell you, I still carry her picture all these years later. It is a reminder to me that life and truth really do matter.

No matter what you hear, listen to what I am saying myself: I will never compromise the essentials of the historic Christian faith. I recognize wonderful Christians in all kinds of different places. I have seen them in the house churches in China, the progeny of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. I have seen them in the Orthodox faith. I have seen them in evangelical churches. Today, as our whole staff gathered around, at least a good number of our staff, I was looking at each one of the faces, recognizing that they all represented a different branch of the Christian tree. It was a beautiful thing to behold because many of the people that work with me (and I would think maybe the majority) have been with me ten, twenty years, and some far longer than that. Together we are making a difference for time and eternity. I am deeply grateful for those who are standing with us prayerfully and financially in the battle for life and truth.

—Hank Hanegraaff

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This blog is adapted from the April 21, 2017, Bible Answer Man broadcast.

2 Responses to Snowflake #94: Truth and Life Personified

  1. Gaylene Stupic says:

    I read this blog with joy! I have been a liaison between two couples who adopted Snowflake embryos and I share Hank’s emotion of holding in my arms the realization of God’s miracle, even as a frozen embryo. The second couple waited many months to tell me that they had proceeded with the adoption, mostly because the husband was feeling a bit uneasy about what people would think. In loving kindness, I pointed out to him that God had performed an incredible miracle, that despite whose egg and sperm created the embryo, God had chosen him to be this little boy’s father. After 15 years of trying to form their own biological family, the awesomeness of what had to take place for this man to be given a son–a beautifully formed son–to raise is breathtaking. There are no coincidences, only God. How wonderful to be His servant in bringing such joy to these families! I am deeply sorry about the unexpected pruning of stations that broadcast your show and I call on God to multiply the fruit of your labors in unexpected harvest. I give praise for the power of the internet as you can never be too far away from Hank Hanegraaff when the internet is close.

  2. Jo Brandon says:

    I was deeply moved by Snowflake#94. We are like that tiny frozen embryo. Our full lives only known by the Creator. We, too, from the time of our Christian birth, have full personhood, but, what we would grow into as a Christian is still known only by the Savior. As we grow and learn more and more of our heavenly father we are conformed more and more by His loving sanctification of us. As we seek to be more like Him we grow from digesting only the milk of the Word to hopefully, eventually crave the meat of the Word. I know from my own life experience that I am no longer satisfied with the milk, I seek the meat. This has brought me to the point of seeking God and only Him do I seek. That is why I do not understand all the trials the church, which is the body, are putting you through at this time. You have never, according to what I have heard and observed, deviated from the essential beliefs of what it means to be “saved”. I am not theologically trained, nor am I a leader in the church, but like that embryo, who became a person and who grew to love her parents, I have grown to love the Savior and all that, that entails. Traditions, rituals, and rites of the different denominations do not mean as much to me as pleasing the Lord does, with a few exceptions like baptism and Communion which are a part of accepting who He is. I love all my brothers and sisters who are deeply in love with Christ and accept the gift He offers us, by faith, through grace alone. So, what I am trying to say is I stand by you. Though I wish all those out there who are quick to throw the first stone would have let you give an answer before the body as to exactly where you stood in your essential and secondary beliefs. Then, we could judge righteously, from the words of Christ. Isn’t that how the Bible says it should be done? Many are confused not by what you have chosen was best for your Christian walk, but by the way you were tossed out like yesterday’s news, without even being offered a trial. Reminds me of how the Sanhedrine condemned Jesus, on the words of a few. This is the kind of thing that turns atheists and even nominal Christians away from our faith. It is food for the fodder. It makes them say, “See, this is why I don’t believe.” I will be praying for you Hank, through this trial and the trial I believe you are enduring with your health and weakness. My blessings to you and your family. I know that as it says in Proverbs 3:5-6, that God is still directing your path. With a prayerful, but sad heart, for you and us, the community of Christ, I will be praying. And, may we come to better understand the personality of Him which we all seek.