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Hanegraaff, Hank-Barack Obama’s Bathroom Edict

May 17, 2016

I was thinking today of President Barack Obama’s bathroom edict. Do you remember John F. Kennedy envisioned a man on the moon? Obama envisions a man in a woman’s bathroom.

Think about the paradoxes, in our crumbling post-Christian culture, we’re steeped in a naturalistic worldview; therefore, on one hand, children are told that human beings are mere molecules in motion. In other words, there is no room for a subjective first person point of view. Yet, in an ironic twist, children are now to walk lockstep in the belief that they are not determined gender wise by objective biology but by an individual first person subjective conscious feeling regarding gender. Think about it? It is a mind warp.

Today I was reading an article by David French titled “President Obama’s Transgender Proclamation is Far Broader and More Dangerous than You Think.” He’s absolutely right. French points out that on May 9th Vanita Gupta , head of the Civil Rights Division of Justice, said,

Here are the Facts. Transgender men are men—they live, work, and study as men. Transgender women are women—they live, work and study as women.

In other words, according to the Department of Justice, it is a simple fact that a man can have a menstrual cycle, and a woman can have a penis, and that men can get pregnant.

Then 3 days ago, May 13 the administration threatened

Every single public school in America with the loss of federal funds unless it adopts the administration’s point of view that gender is defined not by biology but instead by personal preference.

French makes a number of points. First of which is that

Teaching biology and human physiology will be hate speech unless it’s modified to conform to the new transgender “facts.” Teachers will have to take great pains to note that chromosomes, reproductive organs, hormonal systems, and any other physical marker of sex is irrelevant to this thing called “gender,” which, “factually,” is a mere state of mind.

At least according to this narrative! Secondly,

Any statements of dissent — from teachers or students — will be treated as both “anti-science” and “discriminatory.”

In other words, it’s against science and it’s discrimination.

The argument that a “girl” with a penis remains a boy will be treated exactly the same as an argument that blacks are inferior to whites or Arabs inferior to Jews.

Third point is,

Public schools will now be even further opposed, doctrinally and legally, to orthodox Christianity.

Children are going to be taught, not only that their churches are factually wrong in their assessment and gender but they’re actually bigoted and hateful, kind of like White Supremacist.

Because the Administration’s edict is tied to funding not even civil disobedience can block the enforcement.

Unless schools can declare their full and complete independence from federal funding, they will continue to face escalating pressure from the federal government to use their classrooms to transform American culture and values.

Think about a remark on May 9th of Attorney General Loretta Lynch. She

Very deliberately compared the DOJ’s aggressive actions to guarantee male access to women’s restrooms (and vice versa) to the fight against Jim Crow. These words were an unmistakable declaration of political war against people of orthodox faith.

When she uttered those words she didn’t just grotesquely exaggerate the plight of the transgender, she minimized the reality the memory of past discrimination.

No one understands this subject in my view as well as Joe Dallas, who has an incredible article, “The Transsexual Dilemma” He points out

Traditionally, if a man felt like a woman yet inhabited a male body, his feelings, not his body, were viewed as the problem. They were considered something to be resisted, modified if possible, and contrary to what was. Currently, what one is is being determined by what one feels—an ominous trend when one considers its implications. It is, in essence, an attempt to define reality by desire, knowledge by intuition.

Then Joe talks about a counseling session with a person named Kim.

“I know I’m a man because I feel like one!” Kim screamed at me as our session continued, leaving me stunned that an intelligent, educated woman subordinated a verifiable truth—her born, inalterable state—to subjective (though strongly held) perceptions.

The only way in which we ultimately change culture is by changing the hearts of people. So many people look at the Presidential race that we have going on right now and I heard one key evangelical voice say that now we have a choice of the lesser of evils and therefore we shouldn’t vote in this election. We should abstain from voting. The truth of the matter is the Presidential candidates reflect our culture. That’s the reality. They always will. We should still be involved in voting because our vote is going to have enormous implications for the years that lie before us as yet.

We have to ultimately recognize our responsibility as Christians to be able to give cogent, clear, concise, and compelling answers to the questions that the culture is asking. We need to learn how to reach rather than repel.

When Christians do not understand how to think clearly about these issues they lose by default. The bathroom edict narrative, as I pointed out, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The minute you start thinking about it you see the ironic twist. You see the self-stultifying statements. The problem is the narrative is repeated over and over with such dogmatism that unless you can respond with gentleness and with respect but clearly the thought is that there is no cogent response on the other side of the ledger.

So we as Christians must learn discernment skills and must take seriously our responsibility to train our children in such a way that they themselves can think. They need to learn discernment skills.

—Hank Hanegraaff

(Adapted from the 5/17/2016 Bible Answer Man broadcast)

7 Responses to About Barack Obama’s Bathroom Edict

  1. Douglas Troyer says:

    Well said, Hank.
    I am strongly against this edict the President has sent forth.
    A type of “blackmail” on the public schools of our nation.
    I immediately let it known in my family how dangerous this is and how un-Godly this is and how our nation is following a wide path to destruction.
    I have a 16 year old daughter and have warned her that this could happen in her school.
    If anything, she should go with a girlfriend when using a bathroom at school if such a policy should occur.
    I can only hope and pray and say that God will intervene and the defiance grows to this un-natural dissident.

  2. Pam says:

    I’m shocked and really worried about my grandkids future in this unreal world today…I’m disgusted!!!!

  3. Margaret says:

    Saw this coming years ago. Removing gender lines opens the doorway for sexual perversion of every sort, don’t have to be very intelligent to know that. I remember when in 1967 I first heard how before our Lord’s return the world was going to be as in the days of Noah. I knew it however, to actually see it happening is another thing. I am 75 and have seen the morality of America go down the tube. Now churches are almost empty, teens for the most part are out of the church. I pray every single day for strength for God’s people as more evil unfolds in the world. Num. 6:24-26

  4. carrol dianne ferguson says:

    an edict–Obama is not a king–he is just a president! can’t americans appeal this edict or is it stone written!!!! this presidents legacy will be of men going into women’s bathrooms, because they feel like a female–absurdity!!!!!!

  5. Kristine Yurek says:

    Another compelling argument for the merits of homeschooling. The prediction is for an even greater increase in parents choosing to homeschool this fall.

  6. Kevin McHugh says:

    What is our congress and senate who are in the hands of a Republican Majority going to do? Will they stand by and do nothing? Martin Luther King once spoke about the silence of the people, the indifference to evil would be our downfall. It is time for the people who call themselves Christian to take a stand, to not comply with his edict. The president does not have the power to make laws, the congress and the senate need to take away the federal government’s right to oversee the education of our children and return it to the states. We have a lawless president and the other branches seem to do nothing to rein him in. God give us strength to stand up for our children

  7. WomensNews says:

    I m betting that this edict from Obama may prove to be the last straw for many parents, who will awaken to the nightmare public schooling has become in America and pull their children out in favor of private education or, better yet, homeschooling.